Social Media Critical to SEO Interesting read as we dig into this topic in today’s class.

Social Media Marketing-What’s It All About?


 I begin my public foray into the world of Social Media Marketing with this blog post. My desired outcome from this endeavor is to develop a level of understanding relative to Einstein’s grasp of physics. Well, at least a gravitational pull towards practical expertise…. At times it feels as if my current grasp of Social Media Marketing is more on […] Read More

link-U now on Indiegogo, reviewed by CNET


  Today CNET has published link-U and his founder story… curious? Learn more @ You will find everything you need to know about the link-U Hybrid SmartCam,including impressions and analysis, photos, video, release date, prices, specs, and predictions from CNET. link-U will help you stay connected to the people and places you care about, […] Read More

3 Reasons Why the Internet is Not Dead


   Nope, the party did not end in 1999. The “Y2K Bug” turned out to be little more than a fruit fly. Zombies did not overrun the earth and eat our brains in the wee hours of two-thousand-zero-zero. Well, maybe they ate some brains, because doomsday predictions about the death of the internet persist to this day. Question […] Read More

Optimized Content Marketing: Relevant and Compelling


 At the core of a successful Optimized Content Marketing strategy is relevant and targeted content. Understanding what your clients and prospects want to know and producing optimized content based on keywords is at the heart of driving organic search. Relevant and compelling content in the form of blogs, videos, white papers, press releases are integral […] Read More



 In today’s marketing world, it’s not about choosing between traditional and digital marketing— it’s about understanding how the two can coexist together in a marketing strategy. While marketing has become increasingly more digital, traditional methods are still an effective way of getting the message out about your business or product. What is digital marketing? It […] Read More

Becoming a Fashion Blogger, Part 1


 So you wanna be a Fashion Blogger, sounds easy, right? Charlotte, author for CollegeFashion writes “fashion blogging is growing so fast, and for the first time ever, fashion bloggers are being noticed and taken seriously in the fashion industry. There’s truly never been a better time to blog about your style.” While I agree with […] Read More

Deliver on brand promise via Customer Experience


 Deliver on brand promise via Customer Experience You pulled out all the stops with a smart and savvy digital marketing campaign to acquire your latest customers. You impressed them with an offer they couldn’t resist and you connected with them on their favorite social platforms. Your playful SMS campaign really garnered the most attention. They […] Read More

The Power of Cats and Digital Marketing


 Why Does the Internet Love Cats So Much? If there was a mascot for the Internet, it would probably be a cat. Today I searched ‘cat’ and received more than 246 million results. Why are cats so popular? Simple: Cats are cute and people like cute things. Don’t believe me? In 2006, The New York […] Read More