New Digital Marketing Trends


 2015 Digital Marketing Trends Digital marketing trends have always been important and digital marketing will always be about the individual, which is the foundation of social media. It’s 2015 and everyone is still loving “selfies” and getting a sneak peak into different aspects of everyone’s lives, whether it be what they’re thinking at that moment […] Read More

Avoiding Pitfalls of the Digital Marketing Strategy


 As a newbie in the digital marketing field, I have a lot to learn. While watching a YouTube video that Ms. Krista LaRiviere talks about the Optimized Content Marketing, there is a couple of new things that I was particularly fascinated about. The biggest surprising fact she pointed out (from the study done by Group […] Read More

“Go Mobile” – The Key Strategy in Digital Marketing


 Mobile Marketing Rocks! “We’ve already seen the massive ripple effects mobile has had on the digital marketing industry. I believe we’re going to see this accelerate in 2015 and beyond. We’re going to see further advancements in how Google indexes apps in search. And we’ll see it become harder and harder to track and measure […] Read More

Digital Advertising Fuels Fashion Labels


 Digital advertising fuels your fashion label! Paid media is surely the most traditional promotion channel for fashion labels: TV, radio, in print, and, most recently, online. Online advertising can be more affordable for fashion labels than the other elements of paid media if it is deployed intelligently with specific goals. Running online ads for designers […] Read More

Social Media for Small Business – 3 Tips for Staying Relevant


 Social media for small business owners can be easy! Source: Social media for small business owners can seem daunting if you don’t know where to start. But think about the impact it can have on your potential customer base. Say you’re visiting another town and you’d like to find a local coffee shop or […] Read More



 Digital Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses – Sink Or Swim? One of the barriers to taking the Digital Marketing Strategy plunge is a “fear of doing things wrong.”   Entering these unchartered waters can be paralyzing for owners who wonder:  “what to do first,” “which digital channels to choose,” and if “they are doing this […] Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing


 Digital Marketing: Content & Keywords & Links Oh My! Is feeling overwhelmed the norm in digital marketing? As a new student of Social Media Marketing that is exactly how I am feeling! My homework assignment is to write a blog post about digital marketing. I must say I don’t feel qualified to write expertly about […] Read More

SEO vs PPC, Where to spend your money?


 With the short time I have spent in social media marketing classes and watching Krista LaRiviere and Marcus Sheridan’s videos, I wonder why so many marketing dollars are spent on PPC rather than SEO, when SEO is so much more successful and less costly. I also wonder what will happen when most organizations figure this […] Read More