Learning Life Lessons from Improvisation


   In the last 18 months, I have been an exotic dancer, a beagle, a mechanic, an alcoholic,  a swinging single, and a corporate big shot. What am I talking about? What do I mean? Am I craaaaaaaaaaazy? Well, the jury is still out on that one..Do I have multiple personalities? I don’t think so.. (Yes […] Read More

Event Photographer Lighting Tips For Success


 Event photography is one of the best ways for a photographer to test their speed and ability as a photographer. With each moment coming and leaving sometimes in the blink of an eye, it is important that event photographers are ready and equipped to produce their best possible photographs at any given moment. This post […] Read More

Social Media Tips for Boosting Audience Engagement


 “Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” ~ Amy Jo Martin The key to successful social media marketing is building connections and engaging your followers with captivating content. Consider these simple, low-cost social media tips to increase engagement with your followers: Call to Action One-directional broadcast social […] Read More

Get those Creative Juices Flowing


 Stuck? Can’t seem to get your creative juices flowing? Blank page syndrome? Writer’s block (noun): the problem of not being able to think of something to write about or not being able to finish writing a story, poem, etc. That’s how Merriam-Webster.com. defines writer’s block, also known as blank page syndrome, but there is so much. […] Read More

San Francisco: local’s guide to the Mission District


 Want to see San Francisco attractions, but not follow crowds of tourists? Some of the best San Francisco attractions aren’t on the beaten path. Tour the city like a local and explore the hidden gems each neighborhood has to offer. First up? Skip the Alcatraz tour and head over to the sunny Mission District, home […] Read More

5 Tips For Creating Great Web Content


 After reading numerous articles online about web content I’ve come up with five tips, that can assist a person when creating content for their website or web channels. My content tips are simple and straightforward, (1) a professional writer or novice writer can create thought provoking copy that a site visitor will take action after […] Read More

10 Best Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging


 These 10 popular bloggers are sharing the best blogging tips for creating and maintaining a successful blog and brand persona. Building a successful brand persona online can seem an indomitable task. Potential customers and clients are searching for your content online, and without a web presence you’re going to get passed up. Your brand needs a voice. […] Read More