5 Reasons to Support College Radio


 Are you a fan of radio hosts like WBEZ’s Ira Glass from This American Life? Sarah Koenig from Serial? They all started somewhere! With public radio’s resurgence as a platform for new voices, stories, and sounds, the importance of college radio stations only grows. With colleges and universities dealing with budget cuts, their radio stations take […] Read More

How to Make a Great Martini


 Blog Post How to Make a Great Martini There’s been a lot of ink spilled debating the gin vs. vodka martini wars and as a residential expert on the matter, here is my recipe for drinking excellence: Ice Properly chilled, stemmed martini glasses (Properly chilled means your glasses should be in the freezer for a […] Read More

Behind the 8 Ball: Content Marketing Catch-up


 I am behind the times when it comes to the world of content marketing. Sure, it makes sense to produce relevant information to interested customers. But who feels like it when we are already generating plenty of leads? Well, as the leads from direct response slow down, appreciating that content marketing is now a necessity […] Read More

Honduras, Your Next Tropical Destination


 After living in the US  for 10 years, I’ve realized how little people know about Honduras. A country smaller than the state of Ohio is easy to get lost amongst 197 countries. Far and few in between I’ll meet someone who has travelled to Honduras. But for the most part the country’s image is plagued by negative […] Read More