Navigate Spam Traps for Email Marketing Deliverability


 “Navigate Spam Traps for Email Marketing Deliverability” By Katharine Whipple, Marketing & Business Development Manager 1)  Email Marketing: Use and Abuse – Some History & Background: Maybe it’s hard to imagine life without email, or email marketing.  But to get a quick perspective, we can look back at 45 years of e-volution.  In 1971, Ray […] Read More

3 TV Shows All Food Enthusiasts Must See!


 TV Rocks While there are many food tv shows to watch, these 3 tv shows made me obsessed about food! 1. Masterchef Australia It looks like basic cooking competition fare at first glance, but it has more to offer than just cooking completion! The idea of the show: Masterchef takes amateur cooks on a journey […] Read More

Snack Smart This Summer Season


 Beach season is finally here and everyone is working hard to get that perfect summer body. It’s time to snack smart. While you might be making sure to eat a well-balanced diet and get enough exercise, one thing people forget is how to “snack correctly”. This is important because a snack can either make or break our […] Read More

How to tie a scarf like you were born in Paris


 I love scarves, I am French (cliche no?) and have been asked so many times how I tie a scarf…. Wonder no more, I am here to the rescue… HERE’S HOW TO TIE A SQUARE SCARF LIKE A TRUE PARISIAN: This is my favorite way to tie  a scarf… If there is one technique to […] Read More

5 Quick and Healthy Summer Salad Recipes !


 Get ready to welcome Summer with colorful meals! We have hand-picked these 5 quick salad recipes to get you one step closer to healthy eating: 1.Tropical fruits and nuts salad. Mix 2 parts of lemon juice with one part of honey. Toss with pineapple chunks, chopped strawberries, walnuts, lettuce, blueberries, cucumber & avocado.Let it rest […] Read More

How to Sell Yourself and Land That Next Job!


 Landing that Next Job If I knew how to sell myself, then I should have been gainfully employed pretty quickly. Right? Well, it has been almost a year since I was laid off. Is it me or is it the employer? Let’s talk about the basics of finding a job and see how I scored in […] Read More