Deliver on brand promise via Customer Experience

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Deliver on brand promise via Customer Experience

You pulled out all the stops with a smart and savvy digital marketing campaign to acquire your latest customers. You impressed them with an offer they couldn’t resist and you connected with them on their favorite social platforms. Your playful SMS campaign really garnered the most attention. They made the purchase and now they have some questions. Your new customers want to text you like they did during the campaign but the customer service team doesn’t have the technology or capacity to handle SMS.

A brand promise is delivered to customers in the demand generation phase and it is critically important that customers’ expectations are met long after the initial purchase has been made. Managing the consumer experience is a long term and ongoing process and it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide where to focus efforts first. Here are a few considerations.

Get started identifying customer experience improvements

The hand off – Think about the transition from the initial marketing pitch to the first few touch points once they become a customer. The style and methods of communication used in the acquisition phase set an initial tone for customer interactions and there is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with each new interaction. If there is a huge gap, consider leveraging some of the budget and technology  allocated for the next marketing campaign to improve the first customer touch points.

The first 30-60-90 days- Consider the interactions your customers have with you in the first 30 days after their purchase decision. Map out what a members current journey looks like. What should the experience look like?

The skeletons– Despite all your best efforts there are things that are not working well in your company already. Your customer service team likely already gets an earful. Customer service issue reporting could be a great starting place, accounts payable, etc.

The ask– If you still haven’t uncovered any room for improvement you can always ask your customers how you could serve them better. You should do this anyway but that is a whole new blog post.

And finally once you decide on some of the biggest opportunities from a customer standpoint work your way through the list based on those that will also have a large financial return for your business.promise