Digital Advertising Fuels Fashion Labels

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Digital advertising fuels your fashion label!

Paid media is surely the most traditional promotion channel for fashion labels: TV, radio, in print, and, most recently, online. Online advertising can be more affordable for fashion labels than the other elements of paid media if it is deployed intelligently with specific goals. Running online ads for designers and consumers can help drive sales especially to e-commerce sites as long as the creative elements are strong and in line with the continuity of the rest of the communication strategy. Online ads can be targeted and measured much more effectively than the print ads.
From rapidly changing digital advertising trends, business models to evolving customer behaviors, there is a lot to consider for today’s fashion brands in order to focus which online platform and technologies are the best for their marketing strategies. To create a common brand experience across the digital experience brands should first focus on understanding their customers.  As we see today, it is usually a smart way for fashion labels to focus on highly visual social media platforms such as, Instagram and Pinterest where they can promote their designs to the components of the fashion industry.

Fashion trends followers expect to access and consume latest fashion trends across platforms, apps and devices and in order for brands to “exist” wherever buyers are looking, they will need to figure out what is next and where to focus. For instance, Instagram, even thought it is a hard place to drive sales as it does not currently allow live links in image captions, is an excellent platform for fashion brands, as it is highly visual and enables fashion labels to demonstrate the essence of their designs and products. It is also important for fashion brands, no matter which digital platform they choose to focus, using digital marketing is a great way to listen to their followers and gather important feedback for their fashion lines.