“Go Mobile” – The Key Strategy in Digital Marketing

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Mobile Marketing Rocks!

“We’ve already seen the massive ripple effects mobile has had on the digital marketing industry. I believe we’re going to see this accelerate in 2015 and beyond. We’re going to see further advancements in how Google indexes apps in search. And we’ll see it become harder and harder to track and measure important data across users and devices.” – Dan Shure, Owner, Evolving SEO According to an article of Forbes magazine(6 Predictions About the State of Digital Marketing in 2015), one of the trends in digital marketing that you should pay attention to in 2015 is “mobile”. Mobile has been taking more and more influence on digital marketing. A report of the marketing company Creteo in 2014 shows that the top 25 % of the American retailers generate about 40% of their eCommerce transactions from mobile.

A cell phone with several applications floating above it as an example of Mobile Marketing Source: http://www.stateofdigital.com/mobile-marketing-revolution/

Accordingly, more and more businesses competitively try to connect to social networking services to approach their customers with personalized information. To be successful in mobile marketing, businesses should pay attention to three basic strategies.

  1. The same experience across devices: Even though customers today use different devices such as PC, smartphone, or tablet, they expect the same experience and convenience.
  2. Optimization for mobile devices: While offering the same experience, businesses should optimize their service for every individual device type. The design approach for the smartphones with the smallest display should be different from the approach for other devices. Many people avoid using an application when the initial loading of the first page does not work as fast and attractive as the service per PC.
  3. Constant update of application: Once an application is launched, it should be constantly updated and improved to accommodate newer mobile marketing trends an needs. Don’t forget the users of mobile services, mostly urban hipsters, expect a constant evolving service.