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2015 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends have always been imDigital Marketing Trends including social networksportant and digital marketing will always be about the individual, which is the foundation of social media. It’s 2015 and everyone is still loving “selfies” and getting a sneak peak into different aspects of everyone’s lives, whether it be what they’re thinking at that moment on Twitter, what they’re wearing that day on Instagram or Pinterest, or a cause they’re supporting on Facebook. Digital marketing has to appeal to modern day people’s tendency to be curious, or nosy, depending on how you look at it.

Social vloggers on youtube and videos on Vine and Instagram are getting more and more popular because vlogging is the rawest social media form of seeing how someone spends their day. It emotionally connects users in a way that text and images can’t. Private messaging, Snapchat and WhatsApp, is also going strong, with many users choosing to use the apps instead of regular texting.

The digital marketing world isn’t just one-sided, though. Excellent digital marketing is about interaction and commenting back to followers, as well as sharing and commenting on the content of people who you follow. Because budgets are being slashed everywhere and individuals are assigned more and more tasks, digital marketers are aspiring to become better writers, too. Marketers are choosing their words much more wisely, researching more thoroughly who they may be offending with their words and are generally being more careful but still forward-looking.

Digital Marketing trends are definitely worth following because the digital marketing space is constantly changing.