5 Tips For Creating Great Web Content

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web-content-planningAfter reading numerous articles online about web content I’ve come up with five tips, that can assist a person when creating content for their website or web channels. My content tips are simple and straightforward, (1) a professional writer or novice writer can create thought provoking copy that a site visitor will take action after reading, and (2) the goal of your content is to land on the first page of search engine results. Listed below are my content suggestions.

1. Be Informative-The reader should come away with something he or she may not have known or thought of before. Whether the knowledge is how-to or news, educating your reader goes a long way in getting them to come back and learn more.

2. Be Motivated– Creating content that motivates the audience to purchase your product or service might be your goal, but that’s not the only motivator you want. What about encouraging readers to take a more general action such as to get in shape, go green, donate to a charity, or revise there online presence.

3. Be Considerate- People are busy and they don’t have time to read long, drawn-out web content. So, make sure your content is captivating, succinct, and easy to read by utilizing subheads, bulleted points or numbered lists. Fresh unique content can keep your existing visitor base coming back, while also bringing new visitors.

4. Share the knowledge– Make sure you always include share buttons on your content so readers can easily pin, post and share with friends and colleagues on the popular social networks.

5. Be Accurate– This is an important component of SEO so your content can be found by a quick search, but you better deliver what you promise. Inaccurate information causes sites to lose their reputation as an industry leader, plus lose its standing in search engine results.

What are some of your tips?