Social Media Branding: What does your brand say about you?

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Social Media Branding is Crucial 


Lifestyle and Social Media Bytes, By Mo

What is social media branding? And is it important? In today’s social media society we are one big connected family. What does your social media branding say about you, what do people say about you when you are not in the room and how are you going to find your voice and stay relevant in all this social noise? As you get out there and use social media to market yourself to the world you must be highly aware of your brand and what it means to your clients, fans, guest and suitors. If you are marketing to the millennials you better make sure all of your correspondence is mobile mobile mobile, because that is most definitely were they are, actually we are all pretty much mobile these days. When talking about brand you first must understand what does brand mean. The term is being thrown around more and more nowadays. As we think about the term “Brand”, what does it mean to you? A brand is not design, logo or trademark. It’s actually a feeling or perception. When you think of your favorite product or even a person, the feeling or perception that you feel is their brand. When you think about Nike, Gucci, Palmolive, Dove or even your favorite actor we have a certain impression about these products or person. As you get out there to represent yourself and/or your product, make sure your image and reputation is represented well. As you think about your social media branding you must think about how you want to be perceived. The brands that I mentioned earlier have taken years to get to where they are today and have done a great job at maintaining their status. As we build brands today, especially on social media, we must stay true, consistent, transparent and authentic. Remember, everything you do make up your brand. The way you talk and act. Your views, beliefs and personality. You can spend a lifetime building a strong brand and it can be tarnished overnight. As we navigate through this new normal world of social media, know all are watching and taking note. What does your brand say about you!

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