5 Reasons to Support College Radio

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Are you a fan of radio hosts like WBEZ’s Ira Glass from This American Life? Sarah Koenig from Serial? They all started somewhere! With public radio’s resurgence as a platform for new voices, stories, and sounds, the importance of college radio stations only grows. With colleges and universities dealing with budget cuts, their radio stations take a hit, too. Some shut down and students miss out on incredible opportunities.

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Here are 5 reasons to support a college radio station

  • First of all, they’re a starting point for students interested in journalism, music, broadcasting, mechanical and electrical engineering careers. So, it’s the perfect place to experiment in mixing the arts and sciences.
  • Hands on experience. Ultimately, radio hosts can discuss news in an on air format, research and organize a story, DJ and mix music, learn to use recording software, radio equipment, and FCC rules and regulations.
  • Furthermore, it diversifies the airwaves with freeform news and music programming. DJs and news anchors often have content control. Both often feature news oriented towards the community like local music or cultural events.
  • As a listener, you’ll find that college radio stations are often noncommercial. Consequently, the music or news program you’re tuned in to will have very few, if any, annoying interruptions.
  • Finally, college radio stations often let community members join, so anyone can reap the benefits!