How to Sell Yourself and Land That Next Job!

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Landing that Next Job

If I knew how to sell myself, then I should have been gainfully employed pretty quickly. Right? Well, it has been almost a year since I was laid off. Is it me or is it the employer? Let’s talk about the basics of finding a job and see how I scored in this 15 Quick Tips to Get Hired Fast.

Getting Hired 101

  1. Save time searching by using advanced search options on job boards. I use Indeed, the #1 job site, and have used this option as well as setting up several alerts to the email that I only use for leads.
  2. Focus your search on positions that you are qualified for and target certain companies. I have applied for manager and director-level positions in my industry (health care), continue to target companies that I want to work for, and have expanded my search to include education and government.
  3. Don’t stop applying for jobs. Most job seekers are rejected 15 times before getting hired. I have stopped counting the rejections!
  4. Customize your cover letter, matching your skill set to the job description. Been there, done that, but I will admit that every application doesn’t get a cover letter. And, I have received interviews with and without a cover letter.
  5. Target your resume to the position. Once I read the job description, I adapt my resume accordingly.
  6. Don’t include all your experience on your resume. I have been told to go back only 10 years on your resume, but when you have only worked for two companies in 25 years the math doesn’t add up.
  7. Include more than full-time employment on your resume. To fill the gap in my resume, I have done pro bono work and went back to school.
  8. Dress like a manager. Purchased a new spring top for my most recent interview.
  9. Be yourself in the interview. There is a fine line between being comfortable in the interview and being professional, and you need to have some “rehearsed answers” to common questions they will ask to test your skill set.
  10. Be a storyteller to demonstrate your skills and experience. I always have a few stories in my back pocket to illustrate a point.
  11. Don’t bad mouth a previous employer.
  12. Send a thank you note after an interview.
  13. Network.
  14. References are important.
  15. Apply for the same job more than once.

I have done the final five recommendations. As to #15, twice I contacted the hiring manager when I saw the same job posted again, but one time it was a mistake and the other time, the hiring manager did not expect to have the budget to hire but still posted the job.

How Did You Score?

I think I scored pretty well in this “Getting Hired 101” list. What about you? Have you done these tips when looking for a job? Do you have anything to add and possibly help me land my next job?

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