3 TV Shows All Food Enthusiasts Must See!

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TV Rocks

While there are many food tv shows to watch, these 3 tv shows made me obsessed about food!

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1. Masterchef Australia

It looks like basic cooking competition fare at first glance, but it has more to offer than just cooking completion!

The idea of the show:

Masterchef takes amateur cooks on a journey to discover food talents through series of challenges like mystery boxes, invention, and pressure tests hosting top chefs like Marco Pierre White and Heston Blumenthal who are pure food geniuses. it is great to watch how the contestants food knowledge gets better throughout the competition and change from amateur to professional cooks.

2. Destination Flavour

By Adam Liaw, the winner of Masterchef Australia 2010

If you love Japanese cuisine, then watching this show will make you fall in love with Japan! Adam travels across japan to present traditional dishes from all around the country, bringing the best of each area such as Hokaido’s unique seafood market, Tokyo’s amazing yakitori, and Osaka’s famous soba noodles.

Japan is a nation with 130 million obsessed food lover and watching this show will make you realize the depth of this cuisine and that it offers more than sushi!

3. Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals

 It is all about delicious and generous food with Jamie! This amazing show, will teach you how to create whole cooked feast from scratch in 30 minutes. Jamie’s goal is to make you excited about cooking food, as well as trying different flavors and serve healthy yet delicious meals to your friends and family. You can learn to cook anything at home, from healthy burgers to Indian spicy butter chicken.