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376 Marketers Give Their Insights to Successful Online Marketing

Online marketing survey results are in! In an post, Jayson DeMers writes about a survey of 376 marketing professionals. The survey objective was to test the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. The article analyzes the results. It also predicts where we are headed. However, it only highlights what marketers think is effective.

Online Marketing Strategy Results

People feel their online strategies are working. They aren’t planning to change anything. In fact they are looking to increase their online marketing. Respondents plan to keep or even increase their investment overall.

Strategies include SEO, content marketing, link building, influencer and social media. Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Instagram is growing quickly too. Marketers feel these strategies are working. However, they actually aren’t measuring ROI. While popular sentiment supports online efforts, this isn’t supported by data.

Popular opinion can help determine future effectiveness. Overpriced stocks in the market are an example of the power of sentiment versus facts. In summary, online marketing can help brands build awareness. It can also affect conversion. But, what produces the most effective results is still a mystery.