3 Reasons Why the Internet is Not Dead

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RIP jpgNope, the party did not end in 1999. The “Y2K Bug” turned out to be little more than a fruit fly. Zombies did not overrun the earth and eat our brains in the wee hours of two-thousand-zero-zero.

Well, maybe they ate some brains, because doomsday predictions about the death of the internet persist to this day.

Question is: are they right? After all, according to pop legend Prince, the internet was completely over back in 2010.

Well, fast forward to 2014, and the digital apocalypse has not happened. In fact, the online world continues to grow and evolve at such a mind-blowing rate, it’s hard to keep up with it. So…here’s a handy infographic with 3 reasons why the internet is not dead. Or at least not yet!

Infographic stating that Digital Devices Dominate, the first reason that supports why the internet is not dead. Infographic showing that the projected number of digital devices worldwide by end of 2014 is projected to be 2.5 Billion. That's a 6.7% increase from 2013, according to Gartner, Inc.

Smartphones rule

Infographic showing that there were 8.7 billion digital devices connected to the internet in 2012. That number is expected to grow to up to 75 billion by 2010, according to Cisco and Morgan Stanley.

Infographic stating We're a Social Media Society, and the second reason to support why the internet is not dead. The image also asks How many of your friends are still living in the phone age? Infographic showing that 74% of all adults online use social media sites as of January 2014, according to Pew Research.Infographic stating that 90% of 18 - 29 year olds and 78% of 30 - 49 year olds use social networking sites. Clearly the internet is not dead in their world!

Infographic showing that 71% of online adults are on Facebook, 22% are on LinkedIn, 21% are on Pinterest, 19% on Twitter and 17% on Instagram

Infographic showing that facebook has 1.19 billion users per month, and if Facebook were a country, it would be the world third largest after China and India. That's according to Huffington Post.

Infographic with We eShop 'Til Our Fingers Drop, the third reason supporting why the internet is not dead. The header asks Who needs Black Friday when there's Cyber Monday?

Infographic stating that eCommerce has grown 20% per  year over the last 15 years, as compared to only 2.5% per yer for retail growth. According to US Department of Commerce data.

Infographic showing that eCommerce is growing rapidly. There were $75 billion eCommerce sales in Q2 of 2014, which is up 15.% from Q2 2013. Compared that to 1,174 billion in total retail sales in Q2 2014, which is only up 4.4% from Q2 2013. According to the US Department of Commerce.


And nope, legendary pop artists of the 1980s, the internet is not dead when it comes to music sales, either. Guess that means we’re not in 1999 anymore, kids!

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