Search and Social Media Optimization

Dgtl.us is a group blog for students in the Maximizing Your Visibility: Search and Social Media Marketing course at San Francisco State University’s College of Extended Learning’s Social Media Marketing Program. The course is taught by Suse Barnes and all students have access to this website and blog for the purpose of practicing concepts learned in class and turning in homework.

If you are a student and feel comfortable working on your own blog, you may definitely do so. You may want to also post something on this blog with a link to your personal blog so that you are maximizing your visibility.

The idea for the blog posts found here is to come up with a topic of interest, preferably related to social media marketing. We will go through ways to find the best keywords to use appropriately in your post and discuss ways to increase visibility by sharing the post on various social networks and optimizing the site and post for both search engines and social media sites.

There will be prizes for the blogpost with the most shares and the post with the highest search engine ranking for the specific keyword phrase the post is focused on.

This is a public site and is thus available for anyone in the world to see. That also means it is available for search engines to index so that the search engine spider/robot can help people find it. I hope the site will be useful in illustrating how to think about search engine marketing, how to read your website analytics, how to make strategic decisions based on your key performances indicators and how to optimize each post for best search engine results placement (SERP), social distribution and maximum sharing.

Have any projects in mind?

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