10 Best Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

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How to start a blog? These 10 bloggers blog about blogging, and their tips will teach you how to be successful.These 10 popular bloggers are sharing the best blogging tips for creating and maintaining a successful blog and brand persona.

Building a successful brand persona online can seem an indomitable task. Potential customers and clients are searching for your content online, and without a web presence you’re going to get passed up. Your brand needs a voice. Your brand needs a blog.

So you wanna be a blogger? Where to begin?

Blogging is Hard: 10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging


Ah, the ever-intimidating, first post. It’s so awkward!

You can go to school for Graphic Design, or get a degree in Web Development. But because the blogging industry is still so new, there aren’t any classes to teach you “How to be a Successful Blogger.”

…or are there?

A new breed of blogger has emerged.

These bloggers write blogs about blogging. (That’s a thing!) And many of them now offer workshops for fellow creatives to hone their craft.

The era of the blog is here. And it’s quickly becoming a competitive field. Whether you are looking to jumpstart a freelance blogging career or give voice to an existing brand through the extension of a blog, these 10 ladies will give you the tips you need to maintain a successful, professional blog that fully embodies your brand’s persona.


1. A Beautiful Mess: For conversational posts from millionaire DIY bloggers that get really down and dirty with blog stats. They offer e-courses too.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: A Beautiful Mess


2. Alex Beadon: Recent posts include “Going Public on Snapchat” and “2 Questions Every Soulful Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves.”

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: Alex Beadon


3. Elle & Co.: Offering online design classes geared toward bloggers & business owners, and 100+ how-to posts and blogging tutorials.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  Elle & Co.


4. In Spaces Between: Rachel is a blog coach and life coach, with a successful, sold out e-course. I highly recommend signing up for her motivational newsletter.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  In Spaces Between



5. By Regina: For archives of “how to blog better” posts, and a free e-course complete with blog planning worksheets and beginner video tutorials.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  By Regina


6. The Nectar Collective: Offering advice on advice on advice about improving your life, your blog and your business.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  The Nectar Collective


7. A Beautiful Exchange Blog: A fashion blogger offering tips on everything from landing your first sponsored post to getting the most value out of your blog ads.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: A Beautiful Exchange Blog


8. The Every Girl: For a wide array of posts on life & work skills, starting your own business and improving your brand persona.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: The Nectar Collective


9. Paper & Stitch: Rounding up crafty business and blogging tips, and sharing behind the scenes photos and tricks from her blog photoshoots.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  The SITS Girls


10. The SITS Girls: For the new blogger looking for inspiring blogs to read, or the veteran blogger seeking information about social media and blog growth.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:






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