Instagram & Snapchat: Social Media Marketing

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New Social Networks that are changing Social Media Marketing
Instagram, Snapchat, & Vine are changing how the public is receiving content and ultimately changing social media marketing

The social networks that we use on a daily basis are constantly changing and as their features change so does the way we use them.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other popular social networks are always updating to make themselves more usable to the public. In the case of social media marketing, these social networks are primary used to generate leads for business and make it easier for prospective consumers to find them. For example, I recently noticed that Instagram has become a platform for businesses to post photos relevant to their product or service that show up on your feed. People are recognizing the popularity of Instagram and using it to market to certain audiences. A similar concept has occurred with Snapchat – entertainment media companies like Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and IGN are displaying their content on Snapchat to reach that new “I can’t put my phone down” audience. While all of these updates are very new and their success is varied, it’s exciting to know that the way we can share content and reach out to potential consumers is constantly changing.