Top 5 Foods at AT&T Park

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Top 5 Foods at AT&T Park
Top 5 Foods at AT&T Park

What and Where to Eat at AT&T Park

There is nothing like visiting one of the most beautiful ballparks in America and watching the 3-time World Series champions SF Giants play some exciting baseball. What better way to take in a baseball game than to do so with some of the best ballpark food you’ve ever tasted? Ballpark food is notoriously expensive, and AT&T Park is no exception. However, if you’re going to shell out money for food, you might as well buy the best this ballpark has to offer. As a lifelong fan, I have made many visits to AT&T Park, and I have had the opportunity to try a large variety of the foods they offer. Time and time again, I’ve gone back to my favorite foods, and so through experience, I’ve compiled a brief list of what I consider to be the top 5 AT&T Park foods, listed below in no particular order.

  1. Garlic Fries ($8.50): The famous garlic fries are a must when visiting AT&T Park! You can’t avoid smelling like garlic when you enter the ballpark so you might as well enjoy it! Garlic fries can be found on all three levels at either Gilroy Garlic stands or Derby Diner stands. Also available on the side with hamburgers or chicken tenders.
  2. Crazy Crab’z Sandwich ($16.75): Named after the former mascot of the SF Giants, this delicious crab sandwich is a growing favorite among park goers. At a steep $17 though, it can be difficult to shell out the money for a rather small sandwich. However, I definitely recommend trying it at least once. For its size, they do not skimp on the crab, and the garlic buttered bread adds to the overall flavorful sandwich. The crab sandwich can only be found by the bleachers and on the club level.
  3. Cha Cha Bowl ($11): Sometimes when you visit the ballpark, you just want something a tad bit healthier (aka not fried). Introducing the Cha Cha Bowl, a classic go-to all around meal. Portions are generous, and you get a little bit of everything: beans, rice, jerk chicken, and vegetables. Think a compact version of the Chipotle burrito bowl, but just as filling with these four ingredients. The Cha Cha Bowl can be found at Orlando’s Caribbean BBQ on the promenade and view reserve levels.
  4. Tres Nachos ($10.50): Tres Kitchen is my favorite place to get nachos at the ballpark, and they are generous with their portions. For $10.50, they glob on the cheese, meat, and jalapenos over a ton of nacho chips, keeping you satisfied for several innings. I recommend the nachos with pork, since they use shredded pork that is moist and flavorful.
  5. Caramel Corn ($6.50): A delicious dessert to top off your visit with! Sometimes it gets too cold for ice cream at night games, yet you still want something sweet. Satisfy that sweet tooth with a cup of caramel corn, delicious sweet and salty popcorn mixed with caramel. Pick up a cup of caramel corn from select Doggy Diners or the club level.


What are some of your favorite must-eats at AT&T Park?