Time for the Holiday and Seasonal Shopping Period

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Holiday and Seasonal Shopping



Tis the Season of holiday and seasonal shopping. We all  have been here before, year after year. It seems as though the days following Halloween are the days when stores start changing their windows and mannequins to welcome the seasonal changes. Marketers will be taking part in email blasts, Facebook, Instegram, and other media platforms to highlight their sales! Grocery stores will be showcasing those Thanksgiving holiday must haves and department stores will be rolling out the sales- all gearing up for the lovely holiday and seasonal shopping extravaganza. Not only are consumers digesting these sales and products being thrown at them in person, they’re also being inundated with ads on their social media outlets.

What amazes me is that every year, stores move the holiday and seasonal shopping season early. Am I seeing things? I feel like when it’s right after Labor Day, Halloween decorations and perhaps a little small sighting of Thanksgiving AND Xmas decorations appear.  Consumer purchasing is  high during the holiday season, thanks to ads being planted on our social media. Social media influences consumer buying decisions, no doubt.  From toys, to clothing, to gadgets, to electronics, many consumers will be ready and willing to purchase during the holiday season. All these things and more will be in consumers’ news feeds and plastered all over their TV screens. A gift here, a gift there, this is what marketers are focusing on and influencing consumers to spend their loverly dollars on their products.

I don’t know about you, but I’m almost certain, in the near future, we’ll be seeing these decorations all year long. What about all year on our social media outlets?!  Holiday ads all year? This can’t be the case!

Then it will be holiday and seasonal shopping everyday!



Seasonal Shopping Season