Social Media Marketing: Pre-Basics

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If one is lucky enough to be employed by a large company, with a staff of graphic designers, and a staff of IT experts, chances are you’ll find yourself as a one person social media marketing department, graphic designer, photoshop technician, and web master. Basically, you’ll be the content generator, provider, and distributor. These are very different hats to wear, each needing an above basic level of expertise.

Content is the lifeblood; generating content is the easiest part, just have an idea, (light bulb over the head!). Then it becomes how to execute the idea, which is probably the hardest, messiest, and most frustrating section of the equation.

Depending on your or your client’s needs, the idea will involve a couple of graphic computer programs. Which ones? Knowing how to create web pages,animate logos, and objects, how to import YouTube and GoogleMaps, into a web design, manipulate photo images, import music or sound effects will likely be necessary.

Daunting as it is to actually produce the content, possibly the hardest part of a project is integrating all the ideas and suggestions offered. Knowing if the idea will be easy to integrate, or even be a worthy suggestion, while staying on budget, and targeted release date, will keep one focused.

Producing social media content is much more involved than a 140 character tweet, and it may be a good idea to take a look at how to create and execute good content.