Snack Smart This Summer Season

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Beach season is finally here and everyone is working hard to get that perfect summer body. It’s time to snack smart. While you might be making sure to eat a well-balanced diet and get enough exercise, one thing people forget is how to “snack correctly”. This is important because a snack can either make or break our diet. When hunger pranks take over, we reach out to candy bars or a packet of chips. This only makes us move further away from our summer body goals. Here are 5 ways to indulge in healthy, yet delicious between-meal snacks.

Snack Smart

  1. Keep chewing:– Have nuts and berries when hunger strikes. As they say, “nuts to you!” and no, this is not an insult. It’s rather a recommendation to add nuts and berries to your diet. 
  2. Get your smoothie game strong:- A glass of cold smoothie made with fresh fruits, milk, and a few almonds can never go wrong. Just put all these ingredients together and turn your magic bullet on!
  3. Snack on citrus:– A recent study found that people who eat grapefruit as a snack after each meal can lose up to 3 1/2 pounds in less than three months. Wow!
  4. Yogurt as a best friend:- Keep in mind to only have greek yogurt for this one to work. Flavored yogurt is used as a treat than a snack.
  5. Dark chocolate to the rescue:- Just try to limit your intake to less than 10g and you’re good to go with this one.

Do you have other snack ideas? Do share it in your comments below!