Social Media Management Tools & Its Importance for Today’s Businesses


 Whether we like it or not, social media plays a big part in everyone’s lives. Most people on the internet have social media accounts, and they use these accounts to interact not only with their friends, family, and colleagues, but also with businesses. These accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serve as important touchpoint for […] Read More

Yogurt parfait at Taco Maria, Brunch menu

Taco Maria Offers Upscale Mexican Brunch


 Taco Maria Perfects the Mexican American Brunch Taco Maria, Orange County’s newest high-end Mexican American restaurant, combines traditional Mexican dishes with American classics.. Two weeks ago my partner and I indulged in the delectable brunch menu. Chef Carlos Salgado, who was recently nominated for a James Beard Foundation award, has crafted a brunch experience so exclusive […] Read More

Want to plan a stress free party? Its possible!


  Ever wonder how to plan a stressfree party? Keep reading, we’ll spill the tea. Celebrations play a significant part in our lives. It our way of expressing and sharing joy and fulfillment with our loved ones or at least the ones closest to us. But the one big stress with these parties are the […] Read More

How to Create the Perfect Online Store with Wix Stores


 Easy Online Store Creation Whatever is the feeling when it comes to plan a new online store, Wix got you covered! If you can’t afford to hire someone to build a custom online store, don’t worry. Wix Store allows to easily build the greatest website for your business and manage multiple payment options and instant invoicing. For free! Already over 100,000 […] Read More

Music Industry Tips to Increase your fan base


 The music industry is a tough business so this blog was made to help you apply some helpful music industry tips in order to accomplish whatever goal you set in place. If you want to break into the music business, I have discovered some ways to become more relevant in the music industry. First all, […] Read More

Legal Photocopy Service And The Hipaa Law Compliance


 Legal Photocopy Service and 2013 Hipaa Law Confluence: Legal Photocopy Service industry provides a vital part in the 2013 Hipaa Law implementation as it became apparent that this was going to change the way Doctors, HealthCare Facilities and the Legal Industry produce, store and request medical records. Younger Doctors’ in private practice approaching it for […] Read More

Learning Life Lessons from Improvisation


   In the last 18 months, I have been an exotic dancer, a beagle, a mechanic, an alcoholic,  a swinging single, and a corporate big shot. What am I talking about? What do I mean? Am I craaaaaaaaaaazy? Well, the jury is still out on that one..Do I have multiple personalities? I don’t think so.. (Yes […] Read More