376 Marketers Give Their Insights to Successful Online Marketing

Online marketing survey results are in! In an post, Jayson DeMers writes about a survey of 376 marketing professionals. The survey objective was to test the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. The article analyzes the results. It also predicts where we are headed. However, it only highlights what marketers think is effective. Online Marketing Strategy Results People feel their online strategies are working. They aren’t planning to change anything. In fact they are looking to increase their online marketing. Respondents plan to keep or even increase their investment overall. Strategies include SEO, content marketing, link building, influencer and social media. Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Instagram is growing quickly too. Marketers feel these strategies are working. However, they actually aren’t measuring ROI. While popular sentiment supports online efforts, this isn’t supported by data. Popular opinion can help determine future effectiveness. Overpriced stocks in the market are an example of the power of sentiment versus facts. In summary, online marketing can help brands build awareness. It can also affect conversion. But, what produces the most effective results is still a mystery.

Easy Online Store Creation

Whatever is the feeling when it comes to plan a new online store, Wix got you covered! If you can’t afford to hire someone to build a custom online store, don’t worry. Wix Store allows to easily build the greatest website for your business and manage multiple payment options and instant invoicing. For free!

Already over 100,000 users from 122 countries chose Wix Stores to sell their products online. Ten million products are sold worldwide with a $335 million in sales. Before you start using the platform, make sure you work on a plan that answers to a few questions:
  • The Goals: how will it help my business?
  • The Product information: which will be the features and the prices appearing on the website?
  • The Marketing Strategy: how/when will I be promoting the launch?

Top 5 Things to Know

Once you have these few ideas clear in mind, you can start thinking of your website and how it will look like. Here the top 5 things to know about Wix Store.
  1. Create a Wix account In order to get access and start using what is available, you can create a wix account for free and start playing with the tools. This way, you will become familiar with the platform and you will save some time later.
  2. Pick your template.  Wondering which style better represents you and your product? You got ideas but you don’t know how to put them together? Wix Store offers a range of templates already in use. Collect ideas, photos, and information of your product and make it look beautiful.
  3. Customize & Impress. It doesn’t matter which product you want to sell. Jewellery, hats, pens, coffee, Wix Store templates are feasible for all products. You will be able to change features and make your storefront unique and remarkable. Therefore, you can adapt and make it appealing on all user’s devices.
  4. Set Up Order and Payment Options. The easiest is the way to buy the product, the sooner customers will fall in love with it! Wix Store allows customers to choose different payment options, secure for both you and your customers. The platform offers tools to easily track orders, shipping, and taxes.
  5. Add Coupons and Apps. Do you have a great numbers of customers? Make sure you don’t loose them! Wix Store offers a variety of options to better promote it. You can add discounts and offers; choose among 200+ apps; and keep customers engaged with live chats, Social Media Channels, and testimonials.
When your online store is up, it is important to go back to the initial list and ensure that the initial questions have been answered properly. The more time you spend on clearing up your mind and make your ideas feasible, the greater chance you have to actually making your online store work.

I am behind the times when it comes to the world of content marketing. Sure, it makes sense to produce relevant information to interested customers. But who feels like it when we are already generating plenty of leads? Well, as the leads from direct response slow down, appreciating that content marketing is now a necessity for reaching new plateaus in our business. So, finally got my head in the game and am excited to put time and focus into a cohesive content marketing effort, but is it too late?

BlueSky’s Blank Canvas Content Marketing

If I am lagging in this, so is all of blueSky Marketing. We have never produced content like infographics or videos to distribute to interested customers to drive future engagement. While we have provided basic information for free on webpages, nothing is focused beyond immediate lead capture. Planned initiatives pumping out useful, funny or interesting information to other spheres like social, would drive engagement and boost our SEO in the longer-term. With an increased pace of content creation, you can see how it would be easy to think that we will simply not be able to catch up. The pitfall we need to avoid is pushing out slap-dash content just to say we are ‘doing content marketing.’ After reading articles for class this week, slapdash content would be counter-productive. There needs to be an interlocking plan between different platforms. An optimized content marketing plan that has us promoting relevant information to our target audience(s) across all channels with a semblance of coordination.

A New Hope

After reading Scherer’s article on content marketing via social, I have real hope that we can get in the game! He describes the ‘glacier’ method of content creation. This methodology would be a great place for our team to start. In that model, we would create a very rich piece of content deeply describing our product. I am envisioning this piece to be as broad in scope and as detailed as possible with features and benefits. In my world of writing, it takes an arduous process of writing and revising to come up with something truly insightful. The unpopular fact is, this will require labor hours to be taken from other projects. However, the ROI will be there! From that initial detailed piece, stats and insights can be taken and broken into ‘slivers’. Slivers can be made into ‘snack-able’ content pieces to be distributed across all platforms. Enhancing visibility will be a long process, but the ‘Glacier’ strategy gives me a simple roadmap. Unfortunately, the results will not be immediate so management will need to be convinced. This is where managing-up begins for me. Not getting started with content marketing is not an option. The longer we wait, the further we fall behind the 8 ball…