“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” ~ Amy Jo Martin

The key to successful social media marketing is building connections and engaging your followers with captivating content. Consider these simple, low-cost social media tips to increase engagement with your followers:

Call to Action

One-directional broadcast social media posts are not always effective at fostering interaction with your followers. Every post you include on social media should have a specific purpose and provide a call to action. Be direct and tell your users exactly what you want them to do: watch a video, click on a link, answer a question, share a post or like a page. Research indicates that social media posts that contain a call to action have higher engagement rates than posts that merely inform.

Participate in Daily Trends

On any given day, there are  number of designated internet trends. For example, #ThrowBackThursdays encourages social media users to post old photos of life events on Thursdays. You can creatively engage your audience by posting content that corresponds with these daily themes. For content ideas, visit Digital Trends, which provides a list of popular hashtags for every day of the week. You can also post social media content focused around designated holidays. Visit Holiday Insights, where you can browse a list of all the various holidays that occur during the year, including notable dates in history, holidays around the world and unusual observances for content ideas.

Get Personal

Market research indicates that social media users engage more frequently with content that is visual. Why not create a video to help promote your product or reinforce your message? Twitter has a video app (for both Apple® and Android™) that allows you to tweet a video message using its platform. You can also create a Twitter link for an existing video. For example, if you work for a non-profit and your organization is launching a fundraising campaign, a personal, well-crafted video appeal from the Executive Director may be more persuasive than an impersonal email blast soliciting donations. Videos allow you to humanize your messages and appeal directly to the emotions of your followers more effectively than text alone.

Host a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are events that take place on Twitter in real time.  These events are generally initiated by a moderator, who poses a specific question to participants in a live online session. Participants respond to the question by posting a comment and using the designated hashtag assigned for the chat. Inviting your followers and even your competitors to join a Twitter chat on a relevant topic is a great way to stimulate conversation and engagement on social media.

Pose a Question

One of the easiest ways to generate dialogue with your social media followers is to ask them a question. For example, a publisher may ask followers to help them determine which book cover to use for an upcoming release by asking followers to select their favorites. This strategy provides an opportunity for high engagement because users enjoy giving their opinions and commenting on the opinions of others. Note that placement of your question is important. Research shows that including your question at the end of a post, as opposed to the beginning, has a 15% higher engagement rate with users.

Sponsor a Contest

People love competitions. Contests are easy ways to generate product excitement, reward royal followers and drive traffic to your website. Trivia games, sweepstakes (drawings for prizes) and competitions among followers are all promotional gimmicks that foster engagement among followers. For example, you can ask your followers to submit a caption for a product photo and then offer a prize for the best submission. Get creative. HootSuite, the social media management company, offers some ideas and case studies of successful social media contests in one of their blog posts: 5 Awesome Social Media Contests (Plus How to Create Your Own).

Tweet Live from Your Event

Create buzz around your event by live tweeting from the venue as it is happening in real time. People respond to immediacy and the feeling of living vicariously through others. You’ll want to use a corresponding hashtag for the event in all of your tweets. Don’t forget to make your live tweet more appealing by including photos and videos with your posts. A recent study suggests that social media posts containing photos with special effects and filters have higher engagement rates.

Create a Google+ Circle

Google+ is Google’s social platform with a feature called, “Circles,” which allows users to categorize different people into specific groupings or lists. This feature allows you to share targeted content to specific audiences so that you can customize your messages. You can also join new circles and view content posted by users that you find interesting. Create a circle for your brand/product/organization and create dialogues with your members. You can join new circles and include those members in your conversation. Another bonus is that everything you post on Google + is immediately indexed by Google, increasing your search ranking.

How to start a blog? These 10 bloggers blog about blogging, and their tips will teach you how to be successful.These 10 popular bloggers are sharing the best blogging tips for creating and maintaining a successful blog and brand persona.

Building a successful brand persona online can seem an indomitable task. Potential customers and clients are searching for your content online, and without a web presence you’re going to get passed up. Your brand needs a voice. Your brand needs a blog. So you wanna be a blogger? Where to begin?
Blogging is Hard: 10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging
  Ah, the ever-intimidating, first post. It’s so awkward!
You can go to school for Graphic Design, or get a degree in Web Development. But because the blogging industry is still so new, there aren’t any classes to teach you “How to be a Successful Blogger.” …or are there?

A new breed of blogger has emerged.

These bloggers write blogs about blogging. (That’s a thing!) And many of them now offer workshops for fellow creatives to hone their craft. The era of the blog is here. And it’s quickly becoming a competitive field. Whether you are looking to jumpstart a freelance blogging career or give voice to an existing brand through the extension of a blog, these 10 ladies will give you the tips you need to maintain a successful, professional blog that fully embodies your brand’s persona.


1. A Beautiful Mess: For conversational posts from millionaire DIY bloggers that get really down and dirty with blog stats. They offer e-courses too.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: A Beautiful Mess


2. Alex Beadon: Recent posts include “Going Public on Snapchat” and “2 Questions Every Soulful Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves.”

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: Alex Beadon


3. Elle & Co.: Offering online design classes geared toward bloggers & business owners, and 100+ how-to posts and blogging tutorials.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  Elle & Co.


4. In Spaces Between: Rachel is a blog coach and life coach, with a successful, sold out e-course. I highly recommend signing up for her motivational newsletter.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  In Spaces Between



5. By Regina: For archives of “how to blog better” posts, and a free e-course complete with blog planning worksheets and beginner video tutorials.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  By Regina


6. The Nectar Collective: Offering advice on advice on advice about improving your life, your blog and your business.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  The Nectar Collective


7. A Beautiful Exchange Blog: A fashion blogger offering tips on everything from landing your first sponsored post to getting the most value out of your blog ads.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: A Beautiful Exchange Blog


8. The Every Girl: For a wide array of posts on life & work skills, starting your own business and improving your brand persona.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: The Nectar Collective


9. Paper & Stitch: Rounding up crafty business and blogging tips, and sharing behind the scenes photos and tricks from her blog photoshoots.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  The SITS Girls


10. The SITS Girls: For the new blogger looking for inspiring blogs to read, or the veteran blogger seeking information about social media and blog growth.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:          
Emily Chavous | blogger,
Emily Chavous is the founder of, a bohemian life and style blog, and a Journalism and Social Media Marketing student at San Francisco State University. Lover of cat videos, long walks on the beach and cold-brew iced coffee. Tweeting @faitboum.

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