The music industry is a tough business so this blog was made to help you apply some helpful music industry tips in order to accomplish whatever goal you set in place. If you want to break into the music business, I have discovered some ways to become more relevant in the music industry. First all, you will need to create a list of friends, family, and prospective audience members or fans. People who love music are a must! even if they don’t like your music. After compiling your list, send out regular email blasts to let your friends know about your shows, special events, and insider parties. This is a great way to connect with your friends and fans alike by showing them your up to date agenda and including them in your musical journey. Most people appreciate being connected to you, although some will not be so happy. It’s o.k. consistency is key and it’s a sure fire way to expand your music fan base. Music industry tips are not easy to come by. Most of the tips i’m giving you come from hard core experience. Engaging your audience is so important. When you engage your fans, they and you will be excited about your future projects and you will create a win win situation where it will be equally beneficial. You will gain organic followers and fans by implementing these fundamental music industry tips. Of course not all artists are the same.In fact, each artist is very different. But by setting goals and listening to your inner voice you can set yourself apart. The first step is to establish a concrete goal. The Huffington post has a great 10 step guide to making it in the music industry and is one of my favorite go to lists. You have to decide if it’s more important for you to have organic followers, do more local shows,live events, or just be behind the scenes in the music business. Whatever it is, make sure it’s what you want to do. Once you establish your game plan, it should include these three main points. The first music industry tip in increasing your fan base is to make sure you are very clear about your goal. Establishing your ultimate “Goal” is however your desired outcome. Music business 101 is an important read. The second step is the lengthiest part, and also what I call “The Process”. And last but not least, is the “Execution”. SonicBids is an excellent website for DIY artists who want to know about music industry career advice. This article in particular is great a great read on how to establish a concrete goal. The process is how you plan to go about obtaining your goal. This should include applicable music industry tips on increasing your fan base. Your goal is a series of little steps, I call baby steps. Start by adding your tasks into small manageable tasks to build a solid foundation. Place emphasis on building your fan base by socially connecting with your fans. Post frequently about the new things you are doing to obtain your musical goals. Try new things like adding a time limited “free download” button to one of your songs and pass out flyers with your name on it to get new music lovers to follow you and love your music. Youtube and Vevo are excellent tools for showing your fans and potential fans what to expect. Chances are, you will increase your fan base with your Youtube videos because they span the world and are long standing. International recognition is very possible with Youtube and Vevo unlike an artists that does only local shows. So it’s o.k. to expand your horizons. Youtube is instrumental in developing a loyal fanbase. Ni un intended. lol “Replay” was one of my first music videos but by the second or third video, I got better as you will too. These things take time so make sure you develop a strong team working with you. You should post to Twitter daily, Google +, Facebook (your Facebook fan page should already be established), LinkedIn, Instagram, your personal website,blog,etc. Kenya Music is a great site developed for artists who can build their own website. I built mine with little to no help and i’m not that tech savvy so you can do it too.  is a small example of mine. Branding yourself is what it’s about. Establish your unique sound. Branding is a way for you to communicate to your audience who you are and what you do creatively to give back to them. Remember it’s a mutually fulfilling relationship.This is what sets you apart from your competition. This is an informative article written by a coaching strategists that offers great insight on music industry tips on increasing your fan base. up with music industry leaders such as Spotify to establish your brand. play=true& These are great music industry tips to increase your fan base on a continuous basis. When you engage with your fans, it excites your fans and in turn gives you motivation and determination to give them more. This has proven results for myself when climbing the charts on  This is a great music website tool used to showcase your music and connect with other artists worldwide. You can find other artists in your music genre and also compare your stats to other artists in your own are and genre of music as well. Besides, Reverbnation is fun! These are key tools essential to achieve your personal music goals. Frequent, music events about the music industry, i.e. ASCAP/BMI conventions. I’m assuming you already know about ASCAP and BMI, if not, take time to read about them. These are sites every artist should know. Treat your music career like a business because it is. Conventions are a great way for connecting with industry professionals,mentors, and experienced individuals who know the music business. you should listen to them when they know what their talking about. You also want to get a really credible music attorney to review all of your contracts, offers, licensing deals, etc. You should always educate yourself by reading about music industry tips on increasing your fan base and the industry in general. These are sites every artist should know. Treat your music career like a business because it is. As a matter of fact, it’s the most important part to your music career. Your money will increase along with your shows, followers, fans and cd sales. With this strategy at hand you will accomplish your goals!  The “Execution” is the part where your hard work pays off. It’s the happy phase. So now it’s time to make your debut.  

How to start a blog? These 10 bloggers blog about blogging, and their tips will teach you how to be successful.These 10 popular bloggers are sharing the best blogging tips for creating and maintaining a successful blog and brand persona.

Building a successful brand persona online can seem an indomitable task. Potential customers and clients are searching for your content online, and without a web presence you’re going to get passed up. Your brand needs a voice. Your brand needs a blog. So you wanna be a blogger? Where to begin?
Blogging is Hard: 10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging
  Ah, the ever-intimidating, first post. It’s so awkward!
You can go to school for Graphic Design, or get a degree in Web Development. But because the blogging industry is still so new, there aren’t any classes to teach you “How to be a Successful Blogger.” …or are there?

A new breed of blogger has emerged.

These bloggers write blogs about blogging. (That’s a thing!) And many of them now offer workshops for fellow creatives to hone their craft. The era of the blog is here. And it’s quickly becoming a competitive field. Whether you are looking to jumpstart a freelance blogging career or give voice to an existing brand through the extension of a blog, these 10 ladies will give you the tips you need to maintain a successful, professional blog that fully embodies your brand’s persona.


1. A Beautiful Mess: For conversational posts from millionaire DIY bloggers that get really down and dirty with blog stats. They offer e-courses too.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: A Beautiful Mess


2. Alex Beadon: Recent posts include “Going Public on Snapchat” and “2 Questions Every Soulful Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves.”

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: Alex Beadon


3. Elle & Co.: Offering online design classes geared toward bloggers & business owners, and 100+ how-to posts and blogging tutorials.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  Elle & Co.


4. In Spaces Between: Rachel is a blog coach and life coach, with a successful, sold out e-course. I highly recommend signing up for her motivational newsletter.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  In Spaces Between



5. By Regina: For archives of “how to blog better” posts, and a free e-course complete with blog planning worksheets and beginner video tutorials.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  By Regina


6. The Nectar Collective: Offering advice on advice on advice about improving your life, your blog and your business.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  The Nectar Collective


7. A Beautiful Exchange Blog: A fashion blogger offering tips on everything from landing your first sponsored post to getting the most value out of your blog ads.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: A Beautiful Exchange Blog


8. The Every Girl: For a wide array of posts on life & work skills, starting your own business and improving your brand persona.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging: The Nectar Collective


9. Paper & Stitch: Rounding up crafty business and blogging tips, and sharing behind the scenes photos and tricks from her blog photoshoots.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:  The SITS Girls


10. The SITS Girls: For the new blogger looking for inspiring blogs to read, or the veteran blogger seeking information about social media and blog growth.

10 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging:          
Emily Chavous | blogger,
Emily Chavous is the founder of, a bohemian life and style blog, and a Journalism and Social Media Marketing student at San Francisco State University. Lover of cat videos, long walks on the beach and cold-brew iced coffee. Tweeting @faitboum.

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