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Dog Stuff

The holiday season is upon us once again! There are parties to plan, halls to deck, and gifts to wrap for friends and family. But what about your furry friend? You know, the one who likes to supervise the hustle and bustle from underfoot, following you around the house as you prep? He just wants to be included in the excitement, and yet his eagerness isn’t always fully appreciated. Well, we may have a solution that brings joy and cheer to both dog and man this year! Bring your dog into Ruff N Tumble any day this month and receive 1 free hour of daycare service, letting you squeeze in that final run to the store! And if you stop by this Saturday, December 16th from 12 to 4, Santa will be here with special treats (for good dogs) and to pose for Christmas photos (free for dogs staying 3+ hours, $5 for all others). Our Ruff N Tumble supply store carries a wide array of balls, chew toys, treats, ropes… basically anything your good dog could wish! If you need help picking out a gift, Santa’s little helpers will be happy to help you select one that your dog will be sure to love. If you come in this Saturday during Santa’s visit, we offer free wrapping on all gifts!

Santa’s Naughty List

If your dog ended up on Santa’s naughty list this year, fret not! Ruff N Tumble offers obedience training year-round for dogs of all ages, breeds, and dispositions. All we ask is that you fill-out our online assessment questionnaire to ensure your dog is placed within the group that is the best, and that all vaccinations are current (need paperwork from your vet). We will work with you and your pet to learn and respond to commands, as well as socialize with other dogs. We also offer one-on-one lessons, if that is something you desire. We also offer gift certificates, if you know a family or dog in the area who could use our services. Ruff N Tumble is offering referral bonuses of $20 per dog when they sign-up for regular daycare sessions or obedience training. From our family to yours, Ruff N Tumble wishes you the happiest of holiday seasons! For more information on our offerings, visit our Facebook page:

Ever wonder how to plan a stressfree party? Keep reading, we’ll spill the tea.

Celebrations play a significant part in our lives. It our way of expressing and sharing joy and fulfillment with our loved ones or at least the ones closest to us. But the one big stress with these parties are the planning and preparing, am I right? So if you plan to have a party sooner or later, I bring you…. SARSIE’S PARTIES!

Sarsie’s Parties, a party planner and coordinator, decor styling, and desserts masters (well, mostly for kids but very much appreciated by adults too!) are here for you! Wonder what and how they do it?



Number one the plan list is the Venue Styling, cause of course the over all look matters the most! Using an extensive array of equipment, furniture, materials, and anything and everything at their disposal, Sarsie’s Parties’ goal is to create a cohesive design that aligns with the vision you have for your celebration!


They provide customize and professionally design all signage and labels to coordinate with your event’s theme and color scheme. Who wouldn’t love it right?


If you plan to keep the party going for hours, Sarsie’s Parties offer an array of in house entertainment as well as work with professionals in the industry to ensure that your celebration is not only beautiful, but also a lot of fun. Their specialty? Ballon Twisting, Cotton Candy and Popcorn Machines, Magic Shows, Arts & Crafts and Glitter Temporary Tattoos!


Running around to check that everything is going as planned while entertaining your guests can be challenging. Lucky you, Sarsie’s Partie’s will leave you stress free because of their team of friendly event coordinators will be present at your event to ensure that all goes smoothly during your celebration.

They also offer Photo Booth, Video and Photo Services to make sure you have something to remember your special event by capturing the moments through Sarsie’s Parties’ photo booth, staff photographer, an arranged professional photographer or videographer services.


From creating a design concept and color scheme, research and procurement of materials, cutting and printing of signage and posters, to décor set up and pack up, and everything in between, Sarsie’s Parties’ will be taking care of it for you. They want to make sure that you can be a guest at your own event and that your celebration will truly be a memorable one that you and your guests can cherish for the years to come. Stress and hassle free indeed!


Having a party soon? Well know you know who to call! Sarsie’s Parties’, your personal Party Planner is at your service available for booking for Bay Area events! Make sure to give them a call at 510-304-2226 or visit their website,!


TV Rocks

While there are many food tv shows to watch, these 3 tv shows made me obsessed about food!

radio shows

1. Masterchef Australia It looks like basic cooking competition fare at first glance, but it has more to offer than just cooking completion! The idea of the show: Masterchef takes amateur cooks on a journey to discover food talents through series of challenges like mystery boxes, invention, and pressure tests hosting top chefs like Marco Pierre White and Heston Blumenthal who are pure food geniuses. it is great to watch how the contestants food knowledge gets better throughout the competition and change from amateur to professional cooks. 2. Destination Flavour By Adam Liaw, the winner of Masterchef Australia 2010 If you love Japanese cuisine, then watching this show will make you fall in love with Japan! Adam travels across japan to present traditional dishes from all around the country, bringing the best of each area such as Hokaido’s unique seafood market, Tokyo’s amazing yakitori, and Osaka’s famous soba noodles. Japan is a nation with 130 million obsessed food lover and watching this show will make you realize the depth of this cuisine and that it offers more than sushi! 3. Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals  It is all about delicious and generous food with Jamie! This amazing show, will teach you how to create whole cooked feast from scratch in 30 minutes. Jamie’s goal is to make you excited about cooking food, as well as trying different flavors and serve healthy yet delicious meals to your friends and family. You can learn to cook anything at home, from healthy burgers to Indian spicy butter chicken.    

Beach season is finally here and everyone is working hard to get that perfect summer body. It’s time to snack smart. While you might be making sure to eat a well-balanced diet and get enough exercise, one thing people forget is how to “snack correctly”. This is important because a snack can either make or break our diet. When hunger pranks take over, we reach out to candy bars or a packet of chips. This only makes us move further away from our summer body goals. Here are 5 ways to indulge in healthy, yet delicious between-meal snacks.

Snack Smart

  1. Keep chewing:– Have nuts and berries when hunger strikes. As they say, “nuts to you!” and no, this is not an insult. It’s rather a recommendation to add nuts and berries to your diet. 
  2. Get your smoothie game strong:- A glass of cold smoothie made with fresh fruits, milk, and a few almonds can never go wrong. Just put all these ingredients together and turn your magic bullet on!
  3. Snack on citrus:– A recent study found that people who eat grapefruit as a snack after each meal can lose up to 3 1/2 pounds in less than three months. Wow!
  4. Yogurt as a best friend:- Keep in mind to only have greek yogurt for this one to work. Flavored yogurt is used as a treat than a snack.
  5. Dark chocolate to the rescue:- Just try to limit your intake to less than 10g and you’re good to go with this one.
Do you have other snack ideas? Do share it in your comments below!

I love scarves, I am French (cliche no?) and have been asked so many times how I tie a scarf…. Wonder no more, I am here to the rescue…


This is my favorite way to tie  a scarf… If there is one technique to remember, this is the one! It will make you look oh so chic, tres vite (so fast)…
  • Fold the square scarf on itself, in a triangle
  • Hold the scarf in front of your neck, point down
  • Cross the 2 ends in the back of neck and bring them back to front
  • Tie in front with a double knot
  • Voila! You look so French! Effortless
For a visual and a couple more styling tips, watch this quick video…


So perfect for Mother’s Day: from an Hermes splurge to Michael Kors and Echo… Now that you have mastered styling a square scarf, you might wonder: but what about a rectangular scarf? How do I handle this shape?


Come back next week for new techniques and a new ‘how to’ video… In the meantime send me your questions, styling tips requests and your best “I did it myself” square scarf styling pics for a chance to win one of 10 scarf prizes! A Bientot! A French girl in San Francisco    

Get ready to welcome Summer with colorful meals! We have hand-picked these 5 quick salad recipes to get you one step closer to healthy eating:

1.Tropical fruits and nuts salad.

Mix 2 parts of lemon juice with one part of honey. Toss with pineapple chunks, chopped strawberries, walnuts, lettuce, blueberries, cucumber & avocado.Let it rest for ten minutes in order to ensure maximum flavor infusion. Get ready to tantalize your taste-buds!

Quick tip: Keep pineapple chunks ready and packed in a zip lock bag ahead of time.

2.Quinoa avocado salad.

Turn the otherwise routine quinoa into a tasty meal . This fiber-rich & healthy salad is listed on pop sugar fitness as Jennifer Aniston’s favorite Quinoa salad!

Mix 1 cup of cooked quinoa with freshly chopped avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, a dash of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Also, garnish with few parsley sprigs for added flavor.

3.Mung sprouts salad.

Par-boil green mung sprouts. Toss with pomegranate, grated carrots & coconut, cilantro, lemon juice, salt. Ready in 10 minutes or less! Get ready to enjoy a guilt-free explosion of flavors as you savor each bite.

Quick tip: Sprouts can be par-boiled in advance in order to save time.

4.Black Chickpea sprouts salad.

Mix 2 cups of sprouted black chickpea with finely chopped tomatoes, onion and a handful of cilantro. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and paprika as per taste.

5.Greek Salad.

Mix red onion slices, chopped cucumber, lettuce, grape tomatoes, olives and crumbled feta cheese. Dress with olive oil and red vine vinaigrette ; season with salt and pepper.


How do you want to feel this Summer – Fit or Jealous? Start today to embrace a healthy lifestyle!



Blog Post How to Make a Great Martini Martini There’s been a lot of ink spilled debating the gin vs. vodka martini wars and as a residential expert on the matter, here is my recipe for drinking excellence:
  • Ice
  • Properly chilled, stemmed martini glasses (Properly chilled means your glasses should be in the freezer for a minimum of one hour prior to making the martini).
  • Add one cap full of dry Vermouth.
  • Add Grey Goose or Belvedere grain Vodka.
  • A glass pitcher or metal shaker. Most martinis are stirred, you can have it shaken of course, but if you ask any bartender worth their salt, they’ll tell you should stir a martini.
  • Add some olive brine or olive juice to the mix.
  • Garnish: Olives, 2 max on the toothpick. A lemon peel can work as well.
  • And last, but obviously not least: Enjoy the King of Cocktails. Here is a video in case the need arises:
Some background on the drink: A dry Martini is made with dry, white vermouth. By the Roaring Twenties, it became common to ask for them. Over the course of the century, the amount of vermouth steadily dropped. During the 1930s the ratio was 3:1, and during the 1940s the ratio was 4:1. During the latter part of the 20th century, even 50:1 or 100:1 Martinis became considered the norm.

A dirty Martini contains a splash of olive brine or olive juice and is typically garnished with an olive.

A perfect Martini uses equal amounts of sweet and dry vermouth.

James Bond famously drinks a “vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred.”

  • The phrase first appears in the novel Diamonds Are Forever (1956), though Bond does not actually say the line until Dr. No (1958) but says it “shaken and not stirred” instead of “shaken, not stirred.” It was first uttered by the James Bond character played by Sean Connery in Goldfinger in 1964, though the villain Dr. Julius No offers this drink and utters those words in the first film, Dr. No, in 1962.

Martinis are serious drinks, for serious people. Case in point:



The music industry is a tough business so this blog was made to help you apply some helpful music industry tips in order to accomplish whatever goal you set in place. If you want to break into the music business, I have discovered some ways to become more relevant in the music industry. First all, you will need to create a list of friends, family, and prospective audience members or fans. People who love music are a must! even if they don’t like your music. After compiling your list, send out regular email blasts to let your friends know about your shows, special events, and insider parties. This is a great way to connect with your friends and fans alike by showing them your up to date agenda and including them in your musical journey. Most people appreciate being connected to you, although some will not be so happy. It’s o.k. consistency is key and it’s a sure fire way to expand your music fan base. Music industry tips are not easy to come by. Most of the tips i’m giving you come from hard core experience. Engaging your audience is so important. When you engage your fans, they and you will be excited about your future projects and you will create a win win situation where it will be equally beneficial. You will gain organic followers and fans by implementing these fundamental music industry tips. Of course not all artists are the same.In fact, each artist is very different. But by setting goals and listening to your inner voice you can set yourself apart. The first step is to establish a concrete goal. The Huffington post has a great 10 step guide to making it in the music industry and is one of my favorite go to lists. You have to decide if it’s more important for you to have organic followers, do more local shows,live events, or just be behind the scenes in the music business. Whatever it is, make sure it’s what you want to do. Once you establish your game plan, it should include these three main points. The first music industry tip in increasing your fan base is to make sure you are very clear about your goal. Establishing your ultimate “Goal” is however your desired outcome. Music business 101 is an important read. The second step is the lengthiest part, and also what I call “The Process”. And last but not least, is the “Execution”. SonicBids is an excellent website for DIY artists who want to know about music industry career advice. This article in particular is great a great read on how to establish a concrete goal. The process is how you plan to go about obtaining your goal. This should include applicable music industry tips on increasing your fan base. Your goal is a series of little steps, I call baby steps. Start by adding your tasks into small manageable tasks to build a solid foundation. Place emphasis on building your fan base by socially connecting with your fans. Post frequently about the new things you are doing to obtain your musical goals. Try new things like adding a time limited “free download” button to one of your songs and pass out flyers with your name on it to get new music lovers to follow you and love your music. Youtube and Vevo are excellent tools for showing your fans and potential fans what to expect. Chances are, you will increase your fan base with your Youtube videos because they span the world and are long standing. International recognition is very possible with Youtube and Vevo unlike an artists that does only local shows. So it’s o.k. to expand your horizons. Youtube is instrumental in developing a loyal fanbase. Ni un intended. lol “Replay” was one of my first music videos but by the second or third video, I got better as you will too. These things take time so make sure you develop a strong team working with you. You should post to Twitter daily, Google +, Facebook (your Facebook fan page should already be established), LinkedIn, Instagram, your personal website,blog,etc. Kenya Music is a great site developed for artists who can build their own website. I built mine with little to no help and i’m not that tech savvy so you can do it too.  is a small example of mine. Branding yourself is what it’s about. Establish your unique sound. Branding is a way for you to communicate to your audience who you are and what you do creatively to give back to them. Remember it’s a mutually fulfilling relationship.This is what sets you apart from your competition. This is an informative article written by a coaching strategists that offers great insight on music industry tips on increasing your fan base. up with music industry leaders such as Spotify to establish your brand. play=true& These are great music industry tips to increase your fan base on a continuous basis. When you engage with your fans, it excites your fans and in turn gives you motivation and determination to give them more. This has proven results for myself when climbing the charts on  This is a great music website tool used to showcase your music and connect with other artists worldwide. You can find other artists in your music genre and also compare your stats to other artists in your own are and genre of music as well. Besides, Reverbnation is fun! These are key tools essential to achieve your personal music goals. Frequent, music events about the music industry, i.e. ASCAP/BMI conventions. I’m assuming you already know about ASCAP and BMI, if not, take time to read about them. These are sites every artist should know. Treat your music career like a business because it is. Conventions are a great way for connecting with industry professionals,mentors, and experienced individuals who know the music business. you should listen to them when they know what their talking about. You also want to get a really credible music attorney to review all of your contracts, offers, licensing deals, etc. You should always educate yourself by reading about music industry tips on increasing your fan base and the industry in general. These are sites every artist should know. Treat your music career like a business because it is. As a matter of fact, it’s the most important part to your music career. Your money will increase along with your shows, followers, fans and cd sales. With this strategy at hand you will accomplish your goals!  The “Execution” is the part where your hard work pays off. It’s the happy phase. So now it’s time to make your debut.  

Legal Photocopy Service and 2013 Hipaa Law Confluence:

Legal Photocopy Service industry provides a vital part in the 2013 Hipaa Law implementation as it became apparent that this was going to change the way Doctors, HealthCare Facilities and the Legal Industry produce, store and request medical records. Younger Doctors’ in private practice approaching it for the most part as a cost of doing business, Doctors’ who have been in practice about twenty years were ambivalent unsure as to how they want to approach it so some joined HMO’s like Kaiser or Sutter while Doctors close to retirement for the most part either sped up their retirement or just didn’t implement it. For MedRec the marketing strategy became how we can reach Doctors and Medical Groups via tradition ways and different social platforms that were willing to offset some of the cost going electronic by partnering with someone in the Legal Photocopy industry like MedRec and also in doing so becoming their custodian of their medical records. For MedRec to achieve this, we first had to determine what social platforms are they most likely to be found and when are they most active present. Our initial conclusion determined that Linkedin and Facebook were the most used platforms, and this could be attributed to the sensitive nature of what they do so they mainly used the platform as faces of their practice. Legal photocopy for attorneys is also another market for Photocopy service and like Doctors and Medical Groups, they also will be affected by the new Hipaa Law so reaching them and sharing knowledge with them was also important and here again their preferable social media platforms were Linkedin and Facebook with a handful that blogs periodically. MedRec overall social media strategy is to inform these two markets of our knowledge of the changes in the Legal Photocopy Industry and by doing so build brand awareness as we believe if we build brand awareness that will in turn drive traffic to our website. The ultimate goal here is sales but not just sales but repeat sales and we believe if we build brand awareness and brand recognition by blogging and twitting about industry news that will be some form brand recognition which is part of our initial overall social media strategy.  

Social Media Branding is Crucial 

  Lifestyle and Social Media Bytes, By Mo What is social media branding? And is it important? In today’s social media society we are one big connected family. What does your social media branding say about you, what do people say about you when you are not in the room and how are you going to find your voice and stay relevant in all this social noise? As you get out there and use social media to market yourself to the world you must be highly aware of your brand and what it means to your clients, fans, guest and suitors. If you are marketing to the millennials you better make sure all of your correspondence is mobile mobile mobile, because that is most definitely were they are, actually we are all pretty much mobile these days. When talking about brand you first must understand what does brand mean. The term is being thrown around more and more nowadays. As we think about the term “Brand”, what does it mean to you? A brand is not design, logo or trademark. It’s actually a feeling or perception. When you think of your favorite product or even a person, the feeling or perception that you feel is their brand. When you think about Nike, Gucci, Palmolive, Dove or even your favorite actor we have a certain impression about these products or person. As you get out there to represent yourself and/or your product, make sure your image and reputation is represented well. As you think about your social media branding you must think about how you want to be perceived. The brands that I mentioned earlier have taken years to get to where they are today and have done a great job at maintaining their status. As we build brands today, especially on social media, we must stay true, consistent, transparent and authentic. Remember, everything you do make up your brand. The way you talk and act. Your views, beliefs and personality. You can spend a lifetime building a strong brand and it can be tarnished overnight. As we navigate through this new normal world of social media, know all are watching and taking note. What does your brand say about you! Social Media Branding Hub and Spoke Model