• Social Media Marketing: Pre-Basics

    If one is lucky enough to be employed by a large company, with a staff of graphic designers, and a staff of IT experts, chances are you’ll find yourself as a one person social media marketing department, graphic designer, photoshop technician, and web master. Basically, you’ll be the content generator, provider, and distributor. These are very different hats to wear, each needing an above basic level of expertise. Content is the lifeblood; generating content is the easiest part, just have an idea, (light bulb over the head!). Then it becomes how to execute the idea, which is probably the hardest,

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  • Digital Marketing/Positive Thinking

    Perhaps too often marketers, or their companies, lose sight clients/customers are people, not metrics, or clicks, or an entity to be ensnared in a website. A customer has a problem they want to solve; may not be a big one to anyone else, or even to them, they just want to solve it.   The positive approach is to realize marketing can be a huge problem solver and create a positive exchange between buyer and seller. A seller’s website, or blog, or tweet, can be geared to solving the client’s dilemma quickly, and offer clear solutions, or ideas. The client/customer

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  • Life Review

    My father was born in 1902 in Hamburg. In his life he witnessed the sinking of the Titanic, the beginning of flight,(planes and blimps); the beginning of the auto industry. He was drafted as a drummer boy for the Kaiser’s Army in WWI. He jumped ship and waded through the Louisiana swamps, and became a U. S. citizen in 1926. He survived the Great Depression, and WW II. He was part of the post-war prosperity boom, went through the gut – wrenching 60’s assassinations, the burgeoning civil rights movement, the Watts riots, the moon landing, the women’s movement, Viet Nam,

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