• Social Media Marketing: Pre-Basics

    If one is lucky enough to be employed by a large company, with a staff of graphic designers, and a staff of IT experts, chances are you’ll find yourself as a one person social media marketing department, graphic designer, photoshop technician, and web master. Basically, you’ll be the content generator, provider, and distributor. These are very different hats to wear, each needing an above basic level of expertise. Content is the lifeblood; generating content is the easiest part, just have an idea, (light bulb over the head!). Then it becomes how to execute the idea, which is probably the hardest,

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  • Get those Creative Juices Flowing

    Stuck? Can’t seem to get your creative juices flowing? Blank page syndrome? Writer’s block (noun): the problem of not being able to think of something to write about or not being able to finish writing a story, poem, etc. That’s how Merriam-Webster.com. defines writer’s block, also known as blank page syndrome, but there is so much.  Anyone who has ever had to face a blank page or a glowing screen with an approaching deadline can surely tell you about the stress they face.  Here are couple of techniques that I use when I am in a rut and need to do away

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  • What’s a Blog…You Might Ask?

    What’s a Blog, You Ask? Nowadays, we hear the word blog mentioned quite often. A blog for this…a blog for that. What exactly is a blog? Let’s first start by defining the term blog. It’s actually very simple–a blog is a page on a website where you talk about a specific subject matter. It’s where you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to the world. These days, it’s all about content. The more relevant content you can provide for your target audience, the more successful your blog will be. The actual writings for a blog are called posts. Here’s an

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